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Sean Batura (1)

United States of America 
United States of America

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Shellie Stucker (9)

United States of America

I was raised in Colorado and love the outdoors. I've been a tattoo artist for 18 years, specializing in work from artistic prose to skulls (my favorite), wildlife and everything in between. I love color in my tattoos, but not so much in my drawings. 

Major motivations in my work come from the people in my life, how I am feeling at the time, and what clients and people request; they give me their “likes” and I piece together an image that satisfies them. I am heavily influenced by my memories and surroundings...good and bad.
Besides tattooing, I draw, paint, and sculpt. I love to do floral arrangements and work in any medium that involves nature.
The work featured here is available on wall hangings galore! Simply use the dropdown list under each to choose the display type that suits you. Check out display types descriptions and videos here.
I am 50 years old, a gemini ,and currently working as an artist in a Florida prison. Feel free to write with your comments, questions, and requests.

Timothy Jarrard (1)

United States of America
South America
South America

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