5 Ways to View Prison Art


Learn how to market your artist's work while advocating for the re-organized prison arts movement.

We at PrisonArtWare.com...

...learned very early on, that the very best way to launch a prison artist's career in the outside world was to enlist the help of their friends, family, and supporters (FFS). Testing showed that when a single FFS took a piece of art-infused ware into the free world,  not a day went by without at least one person asking from where did the "carrier" purchase the item, shirt, skirt,  handbag etc.

Further testing showed...

...that when just a little marketing guidance was given to--and put into action by--these FFS's, the "one-a-day habit" grew proportionately. Sales and exposure too increased as a result of their artist's work being paraded around in public.

The following...

...videos and art marketing tips and links  were created by the staffers at PrisonArtWare.com to help you to learn how to best market the work of your prison artist; all while advocating for the prison art movement. Enjoy.

  • How to Photograph Prison Art
  • How to Photograph Arts & Crafts, and Greeting Cards
  • How to Market Prison Art