5 Ways to View Prison Art

Here's a detailed explanation of what goes into building our artists' free online portfolios. Wow!

PrisonArtWare.com is proud to hold the top and lonely spot of being the only organization on the internet that provides the following services 100% FREE of charge:

1. Provide a safe and lasting place online for prison artists everywhere to archive and market digital copies of of their work.

2. Maintain and promote artists' online portfolios on full time on the artist social media platform redbubble.com, and on a case-by-case basis on other social media platforms like YouTube, Society6.com, FineArtAmerica.com and others.

3. Provide limited art editing and digital enhancement services on artists'  incoming work so as to perfect its "mounting" on the multiple placeholders used on the redbubble.com--and other--artwork archival sites.

For a detailed look at and explanation of what goes into providing the above services, please read on.

Our founder, Nibor Doohad
Our founder, Nibor Doohad

A lifetime ago, a business professor told the class that if our slam-dunk idea had no competition, it probably meant  there wasn't a market for it. Or worse, that the need was being filled somewhere else in the supply chain. I'm so glad he said "probably" because, well, PrisonArtWare.com might not be seening Google-like growth, but we are growing...and doing it steadily at the rate of 1-3 artists per week; one continent every 18 months. And I'll take slow, steady, and lasting over fast, steep, and flame-out any day.

Our basic services might be equated to our competition's paid services but we can't say that because, well, PrisonArtWare.com has zero competition. It's weird to write it as it is to say it--I'll never get used to it.

This past year, our artists, their friends, family, and supporters have been asking just what our basic services are all about. And while they are enthused about what they hear, they feel like the $19.95 price tag shoe is about to drop. Nope, we're navigating cyberspace barefoot...and have nothing to hide. Free is FREE in our book.

Our business comes from three sources:

  • Corrlinks
  • Via a really great lady at "A Book You Want (thanks Barbara)
  • A free ad run in the unrivaled prisoner resource text, Inmate Shoppers

When our office in Las Vegas, Nevada receives an inquiry via any of those sources, we note the source for compensation puposes, then get to work. The whole process of building a single artist portfolio takes hours but fits neatly into 5 Steps. Take a look:

Step 1

Once an inquiry is received by  be is hand it off to an assigned rep - interns who work for the company Dash or he or she opens all the relevant accounts, your online portfolio, complete with a branded coming soon graphic that lets the website viewers know that John kyudo prison artist will be right along. Entering dendrites an intro, reveals a custom URL cash Josh and tells the incoming artist how they can learn more about Papaw and how they can get their fully executed art licensing agreement required. The note closes by giving the green light to send at least one piece of art, profile picture, an artist bio up to 300 words so they can get their art work safely archived in their online portfolio. This is all free and part of our basic services... And there's more, a lot more.


A week or 3 will pass and the office will either find a letter or email with artwork enclosed or attached, and I'm sometimes I focus forever stamps or check with Paypal payment of $10 - required fee for sending our full color mailing package that since our operating methodology and their art licensing agreement.

This is where everything gets really expensive looking. Were it not for a dedicated interns who literally work on Starbucks and Krispy Kreme salary salaries, You Never Would Have Made It Beyond artist number two. Here's why.

Step 3

Here's why her artist portfolio lives on the artist archival and Merchandising platform redbubble.com. It is there that are new artist company Rockwell Spin 5 to 10 minutes per image we accept a Max of 10 images per million, I just seen each on day one of our 55 place with their semi coin making certain that their artwork looked perfect and professional printed on whatever product the customer chooses an iPhone cover or hoodie. When does 90 minutes of work as pass the replicant and put the artist bio into their profiles, and edit your profile picture and inserted as well - another 15 to 30 minutes later. Relax, this is all a part of our basic service and it's 100% free of charge.

Step 4

next comes pounding out a return letter to the artist. And it will answer any questions got a ways in detail how the portfolio bill got populated with their art profile pic bio. Ripley alien crop all the screenshots taken while processing their portfolio, and paste those images into the letter so the artist can see how their work renters on t-shirts, laptop cases, wall tapestries anymore. Just touch really gets the AHA! Juices flowing and the artist will actually ask if there's anything they can do to make it work the best you can look online semicolon take care. When the return letter is done it gets me off to the artist wherever they are in the world

step 5

last, once the mail is gone, it is the rest job to make certain that the five ways tabs on a prison artwork. Com website are up-to-date. And I'll go through the mail login be sure that all Communications are chronologically reckoned with final sip of their Red Bull or double expresso log onto the web via Anonymous browser duckduckgo.com and act like a customer to be who just wants to browse prison art as a gift for his wife. Click through all the links comes in time on the link company social media feeds, and then on to Redbubble and Roc retinol check over all the tracking and general presentation.

That's it. When you watch the 2-minute video or not no doubt you see that we gave each of our artists a lot of attention. We believe they're worth it. We believe the prison our sector leave our website visitors.

Now that you know what we can give away in pursuit of preserving the work of Christian artist everywhere, check out our pay services that we sell to them and you - 2 marketed like a problem