Thank you for Working with INPM and PrisonArtWare...

...a pair of undertakings that have NO rival.

Pay with your unused gift cards and USPS postage stamps. Contact for details.

Helping Us All

Money received from this page is split evenly between INPM and If you don't see the button you have in mind, scrawl out your idea on a napkin and send that picture to me! I'll make your button.

How do I get my buttons on my dedicated INPM page?

Not to worry. I'll take care of all the coding and setup of your buttons. Once it's all set up, you're good to go.

You own your button

When you support INPM and PrisonArtWare by choosing a custom PayPal button, it's yours...forever. I'll open a dedicated Dropbox account under a generic email/password combination (that you can change later), and you can store your button(s) there.

It's just a button right?

Not so fast. Think festive holiday buttons, special response buttons based on societal changes, or buttons that reflect certain moods.


Your INPM dedicated page is a mini website built just for you on the platform. Use it!

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